The Millenarian World of Early Mormonism

Grant Underwood, associate professor of religion at Brigham Young University–Hawaii, wrote The Millenarian World of Early Mormonism after years of research, during which he wrote a doctoral dissertation on and published a number of scholarly articles concerning Mormonism and millenarianism. The Millenarian World is not only a polished formulation of Underwood’s previous research that supersedes many of his earlier writings, it is also the only comprehensive work that places Mormon beliefs regarding the last days and the Millennium in a historical setting.

After briefly discussing the history of the “end times” from the early Christian era to the early nineteenth century; Underwood concentrates on Mormonism and millenarianism in the early nineteenth century. He concludes with a brief description of patterns of millenarian thought today, including the Latter-day Saint response to secularism and “scientific” history that challenges traditional millenarian beliefs.

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