The Mormon Way of Doing Business

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The Mormon Way of Doing Business, by Jeff Benedict (New York: Warner Business Books, 2007)

This volume highlights a number of very successful LDS businessmen who effectively juggle work, family, and time-intensive Church callings. The findings of the work are based on interviews with eight LDS executives, including David Neeleman, founder and CEO of JetBlue; Kevin Rollins, former CEO of Dell; Jim Quigly, CEO of Deloitte and Touche USA; Dave Checketts, former CEO of Madison Square Garden Corporation; Gary Crittenden, CFO at American Express; Rod Hawes, founder and former CEO of Life Re Corporation; Kim Clark, former Dean of the Harvard Business School; and Clayton Christensen, a leading Harvard Business School professor and consultant to Intel, Eli Lilly, and Kodak.

These LDS executives each have a similar set of priorities that largely dictate the way they manage their time. They have pressing demands, so they have learned to manage their time in a way that allows them to do the things that are more important and delegate the things that are less important. Generally quality time spent with their families is the most important use of their time. These leaders recognize that the stability and love of their family allows them to succeed in their careers.

This volume adds to the huge market of business and self-help books available today. It is unique in that it incorporates biographical insights from Mormon business leaders. The author found a commonality among these leaders that is worth noting: acquisition of leadership skills largely developed in the mission field, in positions of Church service, from obeying Church teachings, and by allowing gospel values to govern time management. The author demonstrates this commonality by retelling inspiring stories and experiences from these accomplished businessmen in the context of subjects such as tithing, family, honesty, scripture study, prayer, the proper use of power, and observation of the Sabbath. This book is suited to anyone who would value insight as to how to better incorporate their religious convictions into their personal and professional lives. It is also insightful to anyone—in business or not—who struggles with managing their time and attending to the most important demands on it.


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