The Morning Breaks

Stories of Conversion and Faith in the Former Soviet Union

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The Morning Breaks: Stories of Conversion and Faith in the Former Soviet Union, by Howard L. Biddulph (Deseret Book, 1996)

Written by the president of the Ukraine Kiev Mission 1991–94, this book is more than a collection of inspiring accounts of spiritual conversion to Christ and his restored gospel and more than an engrossing account of the opening of nations previously closed to the preaching of the gospel. This volume raises hymns of praise, rejoicing, and awe at the workings of the Lord in the lives of individuals and families living in Ukraine and Belarus. The title of the book is taken from Parley P. Pratt’s famous hymn of the restoration:

The morning breaks, the shadows flee;
Lo, Zion’s standard is unfurled!
The dawning of a brighter day
Majestic rises on the world.

Relating a remarkable if minute part of the unfolding story of God’s hand at work among peoples once imprisoned in oppressive regimes, The Morning Breaks includes first-person accounts of individuals’ spiritual struggles to find answers to fundamental questions of life, of their God-led discovery of the truth, and of the opening of their hearts to receive the blessings of light and hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. The testimonies borne by these people, whose lives and minds and souls have been so miraculously unshackled and transformed through spiritual conversion and activity in the Church, should touch many hearts.

Coming from a part of the world that not long ago seemed unreachable, The Morning Breaks is told by a man who was prepared in many ways from his youth for a mission that he and we could hardly have imagined.


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