The Pearl of Great Price

Comprehensive Concordance


Since the 1961 publication of Lynn M. Hilton’s Concordance of the Pearl of Great Price went unnoticed by authors Curtis and Hill, they assumed that they were “writing a book which had never been written before.” Hilton’s Concordance not only predates the work of Curtis and Hill by thirteen years, but it is also a more accurate tool for scriptural study.

Inclusion of historical information on the whole Pearl of Great Price as well as each individual book therein is a valuable contribution of the Curtis-Hill publication; however, some areas of the narrative are misleading because vital bits of information were not included.

The authors discuss three major editions of the Pearl of Great Price, naming Elders Franklin D. Richards and James E. Talmage as editors of the first and last (1902) edition but failing to identify Orson Pratt as the editor of the 1878 edition.

Their assigning specific dates to revelations received by ancient prophets is a precarious practice.


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