The Priesthood-Auxiliary Movement, 1928–1938



While reviewing the chronology in the Sunday School handbook, I was surprised to learn that priesthood classes were conducted with the Sunday School not too many years ago. Even though I had studied twentieth century Church history extensively, I had never heard of this combination. Most Latter-day Saints regard priesthood correlation as a phenomenon beginning in the 1960s, but I was amazed to learn that many correlation principles were emphasized during the 1930s.

The decade 1928–1938 witnessed a series of extensive restructurings of Church activities and meetings. Most of these changes combined formerly separate priesthood activities with either the Sunday School or Mutual Improvement Association; hence the name, “Priesthood-Auxiliary Movement.” Major features of this relatively unknown movement have continued to influence the Church. The significance of these developments is most apparent when they are viewed as a continuation of even earlier efforts at correlation.


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