The Radiant Life

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The Radiant Life, by Truman R. Madsen (Bookcraft, 1994)

Madsen, a master teacher, seeks here to lead Saints to a fuller spiritual life, to stir in them a new attitude about their thoughts and actions. This work is similar in style to his book The Highest in Us (Bookcraft, 1978)—both are intended for general readership and are designed to uplift and inspire.

Highly readable, the book contains a potent mixture of theory, anecdotes, and solid doctrine based on scripture. A chapter on the Sabbath draws heavily from Madsen’s knowledge of Jewish tradition and from his time spent in the Holy Land. His discussion on forgiveness will prove to be genuinely helpful for those seeking forgiveness as well as those seeking to forgive.

While Madsen’s training in philosophy is evident in the chapter on light, the philosophical theory is enlightening and not overwhelming. In the chapter on human anguish and divine love, Madsen guides readers through the philosophical theories of good and evil and leaves them with a greater understanding of the mortal experience.

Madsen’s insight into the purposes of gospel principles inspires a respect for his testimony, his ability to teach, and his knowledge of the gospel. He serves as an example of a radiant life.


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