The River Sidon


they did cast their dead into the waters of Sidon
          Alma 44:22

many were baptized in the waters of Sidon
          Alma 4:4

High in green mountains
Clear water seeps quietly from springs
Or drips and trickles through a scattering of rocks
Like new blood spilling from a wound.

Gathering from myriad sources, the river swells
And brings itself in offering toward the valley floor.
It glides beneath the overhanging branches of low trees and
Washes over stones in perpetual anointing.

Its ripples rise and melt and form and fall away
Beneath a floating, undulating cloak of light.

It is the pure simplicity of water,
The deep simplicity of blood.

Thousands upon thousands have been buried here,
Their bodies eased below the surface,
Lost from view.

Some have risen quickly, born again,
Breaking softly through the water like the whispered sound of joy
Their first new breath a fiery, buoyant gift of grace!



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