The Search for Love

Lessons from the Catholic Debate over Moral Philosophy



Catholic scholars are not entirely unaware of the difficulties of attributing a doctrine of moral natural law to the New Testament. There is a large debate over the issue, and a number of Protestants have argued that there is no doctrine of natural law in the Bible. Concerning this issue, Louis C. Midgley concludes that “the Catholic debate over moral philosophy is merely one manifestation of the challenges confronting old comfortable assurances. With many now realizing that they are without solid bearings and teetering on the rim of an abyss, is it any wonder that the churches are in ferment? Here and there in the Catholic world the search for love is beginning to replace the traditional rational bulwark of moral natural law. The goal is salutary, though the results are often very disappointing. However, it is encouraging that the law of love no longer appears unrelated to the human predicament.”


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