The Story of the Book of Abraham

Mummies, Manuscripts, and Mormonism

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The Story of the Book of Abraham: Mummies, Manuscripts, and Mormonism, by H. Donl Peterson (Deseret Book, 1995)

Like a wagon-train scout of the American West, H. Donl Peterson has gone before us and done much of the work in tracing the history of the Book of Abraham. In The Story of the Book of Abraham, he has provided a guidebook for those who follow. Writing for both the first-time traveler and the seasoned veteran, Peterson gives the general lay of the land as well as indicates points of departure for new territory.

With an open and candid style, he includes background information on ancient Near Eastern culture, copious notes, and precise details of his research. He also adds many of his personal insights, opinions, questions, and stories about the Book of Abraham. The Story of the Book of Abraham reads like a personal notebook that not only allows us to learn what the explorer has learned, but also lets us see the man behind the work. H. Donl Peterson’s love of the gospel, the scriptures, and his research area can be felt throughout the book.

At times the details may be a bit overwhelming for the general reader, and the background might seem elementary to those acquainted with the field. But these elements work together to produce a book for everyone. The overall presentation is balanced and engaging. Peterson creates a work that explains past discoveries and points the way for further exploration.



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