The Story of the Latter-day Saints, 2d ed.

“The history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is constantly changing as new information becomes available and as each generation asks fresh questions about its past,” write James B. Allen and Glen M. Leonard in their preface to the 1992 edition of The Story of the Latter-day Saints. It was “the need to synthesize such new research for an audience of interested general readers” that prompted publication of The Story of the Latter-day Saints in 1976 (reviewed in BYU Studies 17 [Spring 1977]: 241Ð47). “Now, after sixteen years,” the authors observe, “ongoing events in the Church’s history and additional scholarship suggested the appropriateness of a revision” (xi).The second edition of this valuable and finely illustrated one-volume history of the Church reflects the solid scholarship and faith of the authors, both of whom are recognized authorities on LDS Church history. James B. Allen taught history at BYU from 1963 until his semi-retirement in 1992. He also served as assistant Church historian. Glen M. Leonard, currently director of the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City, served previously on the staff of the Utah State Historical Society and with the Historical Department of the LDS Church.

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