The Ten Commandments for Today

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The Ten Commandments for Today, edited by John G. Scott (Bookcraft, 1997)

Seeing the Ten Commandments as eternal principles that have never been annulled, this collection focuses primarily on recent statements by Church leaders relevant or adaptable to these ten topics. Of course, these Judeo-Christian fundamentals, about which thousands of books have been written over the centuries, can be taken to mean or include many other points or precepts.

Here these “institutes” are applied to such important and diverse subjects as revelation, false materialism, jewelry, automobiles, self-esteem, vain repetitions, filing tax returns, prayer, profanity, eternal families, war, anger, hunting, abortion, euthanasia, honesty, pride, and neighborly love. Moses would probably be pleasantly surprised to see how far removed from Sinai modem circumstances have become and yet how relevant his ancient words can still be made.


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Print ISSN: 2837-0031
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