The Testimony of John the Beloved: The 27th Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium

The Gospel, the Epistles, and the Revelation of John the Beloved have given the Saints a unique perspective of Jesus Christ and his teachings. The preface of The Testimony of John the Beloved reminds us that this Apostle’s writings contain “some of the most profound events, specific prophecies, and significant doctrines recorded in all of ancient scripture.” This collection of twenty-one addresses from the 1998 Sidney B. Sperry symposium discusses many of these doctrinal teachings and John’s testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

The diverse backgrounds of the participants of the symposium have resulted in gathering many inspired and inspiring insights and truths about this gospel writer and his teachings. Topics discussed include John’s Revelation and the restoration of the Gospel, the themes of discipleship in John, women in the writings of John, the new commandment of love, the lands of the Gospel of John, Jewish holy days, Revelation as a message of comfort and hope, and the celestial Jerusalem.

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