Till Debt Do Us Part

Balancing Finances, Feelings, and Family

Book Notice

Till Debt Do Us Part: Balancing Finances, Feelings, and Family, by Bernard E. Poduska (Shadow Mountain, 2000)

If you worry about money, if you and your spouse have conflicts over money, or if you want help in removing the burden of debt, then you must read Bernard E. Poduska’s book Till Debt Do Us Part.

The roots of money problems frequently reach outside of money itself. They are actually behavior problems manifested in money-related ways, and behind the behaviors are deeply felt emotions. Money problems will be resolved most completely and readily when the connections between emotions, behaviors, and money have been taken into account. Thus, Till Debt Do Us Part puts the arithmetic of balance sheets and budgets within the context of feelings and family relationships.

Within the broad guidelines of ten financial principles, Poduska uses discourses, exercises, case illustrations, examples, and worksheets to help explain a variety of helpful concepts: how the inherent family rules you bring to a situation affect finances, feelings, and relationships; how communication, intimacy, and finances are interrelated; how success in getting out of debt depends on a recognition of the behaviors that got you there; how to use sound financial practices and behaviors; how to get through the month on the money you have; and how to build stability into your plans for the future.

With regard to money management within the context of interpersonal relationships and family life, there is not a better resource and practical guide than this book.


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