Voices of Old Testament Prophets

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Voices of Old Testament Prophets (Deseret Book, 1997)

The 26th Annual Sperry Symposium centered on various Old Testament prophets, especially the little-known figures and obscure events in their lives. Interesting details and analyses are included, often for the first time in LDS circles—for example, on the mentoring of Jethro, the rebellion of Korah, the stability of the prophets in the Exile, the saviors referred to by Obadiah, the hopeful stories of Habakkuk and Abigail, and the blessings of the temple in the ministry of Haggai. More familiar themes deal with Isaiah’s indictments, the Millennium, the priesthood, and the eternal nature of the gospel.

The organizers have succeeded in bringing several new scholars to publication. Some of their names will be as unfamiliar to most readers as are the names of the prophets of whom they write. Readers should enjoy getting to know them all.


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