Windows on the Sea and Other Stories


Possibly due to her journalistic background, Linda Sillitoe is a master of situation. Her novel, Sideways to the Sun, traps readers from the first lines and, like a good mystery, releases them only at the final page. Sillitoe’s collection of short stories, Windows on the Sea, does it againÑnearly coerces the reader into turning the pages, reading “one more” story, and then another, until the back cover appears.

Such enticement can be downright annoying to those of us who tend to malign mainstream Wasatch Front culture and define Utah’s literary characteristics with more elemental, western motifs. We are not happily drawn into stories of the too-common-for-literature suburbanites we often dismiss as “Utah Mormons.” But Sillitoe catches us with compelling, believable situations, and, in her best stories, draws us into the minds of her characters before we can stop her.

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