Creative Art

In this short story, Mormon author Douglas H. Thayer explores the struggle of keeping the past real while moving on to the future. Jared grew up in the stone house his great-grandfather, Nathaniel Thatcher, made for his fourth polygamous wife in the town of Zarahemla, which Great-grandfather Thatcher had established under the direction of Brigham Young. With a strong pioneer heritage still vivid and personal in his mind, Jared cannot come to terms with the move away from the physical faith of the pioneers to the abstract doctrines and international move of the modern Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even his sons have moved toward modern life and away from the handmade stone houses and stories of Zarahemla and Great-grandfather Thatcher that made up Jared’s boyhood. As Jared is faced with the decision to sell his great-grandfather’s house, memories of family occupy his mind and remind him of what his own values are based on.

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