63 - 50 Questions of Alma 5: Questions 18–29

Section 5: Teachings of the Book of Mormon
5-63 50 Questions of Alma 5: Questions 18–29


This chart lists rhetorical questions 18–29 that Alma asks the people of Zarahemla in Alma 5. These dozen questions concern the state of the individual's soul at the final judgment day. Alma wishes to impress upon his audience that there are ultimately only two possible outcomes at the final judgment: eternal joy or eternal remorse. Those who are righteous will have the image of God upon their countenances and will be found spotless and pure; others will be stained and unfit for the presence of God. This dualistic conception, or the doctrine of the Two Ways, is discussed in detail in charts 66–76. The vivid belief that all people will someday stand before God to give an accounting and to be judged is a powerful motivator of moral behavior.