Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon

When Are Chiasms Admissible as Evidence? BYU Studies 49:4 (2010) by Boyd F. Edwards, W. Farrell Edwards

Does Chiasmus Appear in the Book of Mormon by Chance? BYU Studies 43:2 (2004) by Boyd F. Edwards, W. Farrell Edwards

[The program below is the one discussed in the Edwards’ article from issue 43:2 (2004).]

A computer program that calculates the likelihood that a chiasm could have appeared by chance, discussed on page 116 of the article, is available for free download:

For Windows: ChiasmusPC

For Mac OS 10.4 & 10.5: ChiasmusMac (links to a Box file. Once the page opens, click download).

Instructions for this program can be downloaded here.

NOTE: This program is not supported in any way by BYU Studies. If you experience problems with the program, please see the instructions sheet provided or contact the authors directly.