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A Survey of Dating and Marriage at BYU
February 13, 2017
Article of the Week
A Survey of Dating and Marriage at BYU
Bruce A. Chadwick
Brent L. Top
Richard J. McClendon
Lauren Smith
Mindy Judd

This daily feature is the introduction to a full article by Bruce A. Chadwick, Brent L. Top, Richard J. McClendon, Lauren Smith, and Mindy Judd that was published in issue 46:3. To read the full text of this article, follow the link below.

A startling description of hooking up and the demise of dating on American campuses motivated us to conduct a study among BYU students to ascertain whether these trends have in any way invaded this campus as well. BYU students make a commitment upon enrollment to "live a chaste and virtuous life," specifically "reserving sexual intimacy for marriage."

In winter semester 2002, we conducted a mail survey of a random sample of BYU students selected from the student directory. Our survey was designed to find out BYU students' goals and attitudes about marriage and dating: how important marriage is to them, how confident they are that they will find a mate, and how they go about the process of getting to know people of the opposite sex. We also asked what type of physical intimacy students thought appropriate for hanging-out and dating relationships and what intimate activity they had participated in.