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Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians
August 15, 2017
Book Feature
Turning Freud Upside Down 2 and New Testament Commentary: Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians
Author BYU Studies Staff,

BYU Studies is proud to present two new publications.

By authors Richard D. Draper and Michael D. Rhodes, New Testament Commentary: Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians is available in eBook format and, for the first time, in print.

This book is the most comprehensive study of First Corinthians that LDS scholars have yet produced. It relies on the LDS canon of scripture and the teachings of LDS prophets alongside rigorous biblical scholarship and Paul’s original Greek.

Because this commentary relies heavily on the Greek text, the full Greek text is presented along with the King James Version. It also presents a new rendering of the Greek text that makes the text more understandable to modern readers. This rendition is set side by side with the King James text for easy comparison. The commentary contains translation notes and helpful historical and cultural background. The work strives to be as up to date, comprehensive, scholarly, and doctrinally sound as possible.

Also available in print is Turning Freud Upside Down 2: More Gospel Perspectives on Psychotherapy's Fundamental Problems, edited by Lane Fischer and Aaron P. Jackson.

An increasing number of psychotherapists reject traditional psychology’s marginalization of religion. As in the original Turning Freud Upside Down, this second volume looks to Christ’s gospel for direction. With a gospel perspective, the authors have questioned some of psychotherapy’s standard assumptions and have proposed features that should be found in gospel-compatible psychotherapy. 

Both books are available for purchase below.