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Aolf Haag
February 9, 2017
Book Notice
A Missionary's Story: The Letters and Journals of Adolf Haag, Mormon Missionary to Switzerland and Palestine, 1892
Reviewer Bridget Edwards,

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In the early years of the LDS Church's formation, it was common for worthy male members to be called to leave their families and serve a mission. Many of their stories of faith and sacrifice have been published to serve as reminders and examples for Latter-day Saints today. A Missionary's Story: The Letters and Journals of Adolf Haag is no exception. However, no two missionaries' stories are alike, and this is a story with unique adventures and lessons of its own.

A Missionary's Story provides a brief but powerful history of the life of Adolf Haag. Divided into five sections, the book tells of Adolf's premission life and includes portions from his mission journals, sent letters, and other articles regarding Haag's service as a missionary. Introduced to the gospel in Germany, Adolf was the first of his family to immigrate to the United States. He settled in Payson, Utah, where he married and began a family. It wasn't long before he was called to serve a mission to Switzerland and Germany, but when he arrived in the field, he was assigned to be a traveling elder in the Turkish Mission, which included Palestine. Adolf's letters and journal entries describe his travels across the United States to New York and to London, Paris, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt, culminating in his arrival in the Holy Land.