Book Review

November 16, 2017
Book Review
Against the Wall: Johann Huber and the First Mormons in Austria
Author Melissa Howland

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Johann Huber (1861–1941) was one of the earliest Austrian converts to the Latter-day Saint faith and arguably the most notable. Being involved with political causes opposing the strong influence of the Catholic Church in the Austrian Empire, his already controversial political life was further complicated by his baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1900. He was heavily persecuted by neighbors, Catholic clergy, and government officials alike, yet he remained steadfast in his faith. He played a significant role in the establishment and growth of the LDS faith in Austria up to the time of World War II.

This book is the first to explore the life and influence of Johann Huber in depth. Letters, photographs, and interviews throughout the book bring his story to life with intimate detail, including an interview that the author, Roger Minert, had with Huber's grandson, Wilhelm Hirschmann, in 2014. An appendix lists Johann Huber's descendants, showing the enduring legacy of this dedicated Latter-day Saint.