Book Review

December 14, 2017
Book Review
Mormonism and the Making of a British Zion
Author Ronald E. Bartholomew

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Considering the large corpus of published research on the historical origins of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Great Britain, it is significant that Rasmussen begins his work with this statement: "Today, a comprehensive history of British Mormonism continues to elude the corpus" (10). Instead of providing us with that comprehensive history, he asserts the need to return to the most studied geographic area in Great Britain: Lancashire, home to Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, and surrounding areas of LDS Church History fame and lore. His justification? "Basing a study of British Mormonism on the English North West does not extend from Mormonism's impact on Lancashire, but from Lancashire's outstanding impact on Mormonism" (3–4). At first glance, I was disappointed at what appeared to be a redo of something that arguably had already been overdone; however, I was quickly convinced of the need for this book by Rasmussen's literary talent, research skill and methodology, and excellent presentation.