Book Review

February 1, 2018
Book Review
The Field Is White: Harvest in the Three Counties of England
Author Ronald E. Bartholomew

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From the outset, authors Carol Wilkinson and Cynthia Doxey Green are clear regarding the purpose of this book: to respond to the request of a member of the Cheltenham stake presidency in Great Britain to find out "more about the missionary work of Wilford Woodruff in the early 1840s" and to "provide clarification of the number of baptisms that took place during this time period" in the Three Counties area (comprising Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire Counties) in England (ix). The authors readily admit that while much has been said and written regarding Elder Woodruff's contributions as an apostle-missionary in this area, "some people have questioned the actual number of baptisms" (ix).