Doctrine and Covenants Lesson #15 | BYU Studies

Doctrine and Covenants Lesson #15

"Seek Ye Earnestly The Best Gifts"
March 31, 2017
Doctrine and Covenants Lesson #15
"Seek Ye Earnestly The Best Gifts"
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"Gifts of the Spirit" refers to gifts that are given through the grace of God and the power of the Holy Ghost. They are granted to fill a need; Joseph Smith and early Church leaders taught that the ecstasies and enthusiasms they observed at religious revivals of the era were not of God. Saints should seek for the best gifts.

Chart 12-10: "Gifts of the Spirit," Charting the New Testament

This chart compares the lists of gifts of the spirit in 1 Corinthians 12, Moroni 10, D&C 46, and Article of Faith 7. Cumulatively, these gifts are an impressive list of God's gifts to his children.

"The Seduction of Our Gifts," Pat Debenham, BYU Studies, Vol. 41, no. 3

Though we are taught that all spiritual gifts are to benefit the kingdom of God on earth, artists can be drawn away from a gospel-oriented life by the very artistic gifts that God has endowed them with. In this article, Pat Debenham discusses three thinking patterns that regularly lead artists away from lives centered on the gospel.

"Religious Enthusiasm among Early Ohio Converts," Matthew McBride, Revelations in Context

D&C 46 was given in response to Joseph's inquiries about how to conduct sacrament meetings. With these revelations, Joseph and the Kirtland elders were better equipped to understand and discern the many spiritual manifestations they encountered.

"History, 1838-1856, volume C-1," Joseph Smith, April 28, 1842, The Joseph Smith Papers

From Joseph Smith's History: "At two o'clock P.M. I met the members of the 'Female Relief Society' and after presiding at the admission of many new members gave a lecture on the Priesthood shewing how the Sisters would come in possession of the privileges, blessings, and gifts of the Priesthood, and that the signs should follow them, such as healing the sick, casting our devils &c and that they might attain unto these blessings by a virtuous life and conversation and diligence in keeping all the commandments."

"Gifts of the Spirit," Craig K. Manscill and Derek Mock, Religious Educator Vol. 6, no. 2

The gift of the Holy Ghost is one of the gifts of the Spirit. As disciples seek to know Christ and his works, they seek for increased spiritual growth through his gifts. To obtain his gifts, seekers must be believing, be worthy, serve selflessly, and be wise stewards. Saints must take care not to misuse their gifts contrary to the will of God.

"Gifts of the Spirit," Cecil O. Samuelson, Religious Educator Vol. 8, no. 1

"I suspect for all of us, there is a risk that we may not understand or recognize that we are greatly blessed with several gifts of the Spirit. Even when we do, we may not fully value them or recognize the significance of them in our lives and in our baskets of overflowing blessings....We believe in the gift of the Holy Ghost being enjoyed now, as much as it was in the Apostles' days."