Doctrine and Covenants Lesson Special

Correlation of Current Doctrine and Covenants with Earliest Sources on the Joseph Smith Papers Website

Students and scholars seeking a broader historical understanding of the Doctrine and Covenants will find a chart created by the Joseph Smith Papers to be a rich resource. The chart is titled "Correlation of Current Doctrine and Covenants with Earliest Sources on the Joseph Smith Papers Website." It lists all of the current Doctrine and Covenants section numbers alongside the titles and dates of the earliest existing versions of the revelations and other materials that appear in each section.

Although the current version of the Doctrine and Covenants presents its contents mostly in chronological order, there are exceptions. By consulting this chart, users can easily see when the text of each section was created and thereby construct an accurate chronology of the events described in the Doctrine and Covenants. Readers will also be able to easily see which sections contain more than one revelation and which sections contain something other than a revelation—such as a history excerpt or minutes of a meeting.

Perhaps most helpfully, the chart includes links to the images and transcripts of these documents, so readers can quickly find and examine the earliest versions of the Doctrine and Covenant's text. These documents are accompanied by detailed introductions, written by editors of the Joseph Smith Papers, that provide valuable historical context. With all of its helpful features, this chart from the Joseph Smith Papers makes an excellent starting point for those looking to do either a comprehensive or targeted study of the Doctrine and Covenants.