Doctrine and Covenants Special Feature

December 8, 2017
Doctrine and Covenants Special Feature
Doctrine and Covenants Study Resources

We at BYU Studies appreciate the wonderful online resources at the LDS Church History Department website and want our readers to get to know them too. You can see our earlier post here with resources from Revelations in Context to Early Mormon Missionaries.

The page Prophets of the Restoration gives information about the lives and messages of each LDS prophet. For example, you can hear a recording of Wilford Woodruff in March 1897, on a wax cylinder phonograph, giving his testimony of the restored gospel and his witness of Joseph Smith's prophetic calling. This recording is discussed in detail in "'This Is My Testimony, Spoken by Myself into a Talking Machine': Wilford Woodruff's 1897 Statement in Stereo," by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Steven C. Harper, BYU Studies 45, no. 2 (2006).

The page Treasures of the Collection highlights special items of the Church History Museum. Learn about Joseph Smith's first journal; the Nauvoo Temple sunstones; and Brigham Young's sermons that were only recently retrieved from shorthand notes.

And the Church continues to post online many journals and other documents of Church members, such as the reminiscences of Joseph Knight, MS 3470. Although the manuscript is hard to read, it is interesting to see Knight's handwritten report of Joseph Smith's possession of the gold plates and their translation. Such documents truly are treasures, and we at BYU Studies hope you will enjoy getting to know them.