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Education Week Feature

Socrates' Mission
July 27, 2017
Education Week Feature
Socrates' Mission
Author BYU Studies Staff,

This year BYU Studies is again sponsoring classes at Campus Education Week, August 21–25, 2017, on BYU campus in Provo, Utah. Whether or not you are able to attend, we invite you to read the articles on which the presentations will be based.

Daniel W. Graham's article "Socrates' Mission," was published in BYU Studies Vol. 55, No. 4. Daniel Graham will be giving his presentation "Socrates' Mission" on Aug. 25 at 1:50 in 2258–2260 CONF as part of the Best of BYU Studies series.

Article Summary:

Many scholars have been dismissive of Socrates' religious tendencies, but Daniel W. Graham asserts that Socrates performed a kind of sacred mission by encouraging his fellow citizens to care for the integrity of the soul rather than emulating certain gods of vice. Socrates maintained that mortals honor the gods best when they are living upright, moral lives. In the process, Socrates fairly invented moral philosophy.

Socrates was condemned and executed for alleged crimes against the state and their religion. He became a martyr to his immediate followers, and to those in the early Christian era, he came to be seen as a kind of pro to-Christian disciple and even a type of Christ.

Below is a list of BYU Studies authors who are presenting classes independently.

Steven C. Harper


  • "Joseph Smith's Journey from seer to Seer"—250 SWKT, Tue.–Fri., Aug. 22–25, 8:30

Works published in BYU Studies:

Janiece Johnson


  • "'Unto All': Women's Voices of the Restoration"—151 TNRB, Tue.–Fri., Aug. 22–25, 4:30

Works published in BYU Studies:

Robert L. Millet


  • "Speaking of the Atonement of Jesus Christ"—3220-3224 WSC, Tue.–Fri., Aug. 22–25, 8:30
  • "Where Has Faith Gone?"—3220-3224 WSC, Tue.–Fri., Aug. 22–25, 9:50

Works published in BYU Studies:

Lynne Hilton Wilson


  • "Christ's Emancipation of New Testament Families from Their Cultural Background"—Auditorium, JSB, Wed.–Fri., Aug. 23–25, 11:10
  • "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven (Youth)"—138–144 RB, Tue.–Fri., Aug. 22–25, 3:10

Works published in BYU Studies:

For more information, please refer to the Education Week schedule, available online at:

This year, the BYU Studies sponsored series are:

The Best of BYU Studies: Ronald K. Esplin, Jeffrey N. Walker, Austin A. Robinson, Daniel W. Graham
2258–2260 CONF, Tue.–Fri., Aug. 22–25, 1:50
T: "Introduction to the Council of Fifty and Its Records" (Esplin)
W: "The Kirtland Safety Society: Its Rise, Fall, and Aftermath" (Walker)
Th: "Revisiting a Surgical Milestone: Russell M. Nelson and Tricuspid Valve Annuloplasty" (Robinson)
F: "Socrates' Mission" (Graham)

From the New Testament Commentary: Richard D. Draper, Julie M. Smith
1102 JKB, Tue.–Fri., Aug. 22–25, 3:10
"A More Excellent Way: Insights from Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians" (Draper)

2107 JKB, Tue.–Fri., Aug. 22–25, 3:10
"Hidden in Plain Sight: Treasures from the Gospel of Mark" (Smith)