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Emma Lou Thayne and the Art of Peace

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Emma Lou Thayne and the Art of Peace

Author Casualene Meyer

BYU Studies poetry editor Casualene Meyer interviews well-known LDS poet Emma Lou Thayne. In addition to writing poetry, Thayne has been a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother; engaged in antinuclear activism; taught English at the University of Utah; and served on the Young Women's General Board and the Deseret News editorial board. Meyer's interview unfolds the story behind the lyrics for the beloved LDS hymn "Where Can I Turn of Peace?" and explores Thayne's involvement in international antinuclear conferences and causes, including her receipt in 2013 of the Gandhi Peace Award. Accompanying this interview are two new original poems, "One Will Be Gone: Making the Bed with My Husband, Both 89," and "Let Me Be Sad."