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Exploring the First Vision

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Exploring the First Vision
Editor Alonzo Dodge Editor Steven C. Harper
Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, 2012

Exploring the First Vision

Reviewer James T. Summerhays

This book sets out to do exactly what the title says it does—explore the First Vision. For most readers, that exploration will take them places they have not yet seen. Writings by many well-known Church scholars are brought together to give a broader and deeper meaning to the genesis event of the Restoration. Contributors include scholars such as Steven C. Harper, John W. Welch, Milton V. Backman Jr., Richard Lloyd Anderson, and Larry C. Porter. Their qualifications, research, and insights are impressive, and they have strived, in an evenhanded and rigorous way, to achieve the "coupling [of] historical study with faith" (xviii).

All who are interested in the spiritual roots of Latter-day Saint historical and religious experience can welcome this book as an enlightening and up-to-date resource. It takes Joseph's prophetic calling far beyond its basic details and opens valuable pathways to new vistas of understanding.