How do subscriptions work?

BYU Studies Quarterly is published four times a year. New subscriptions begin with the next issue to be published. A one-year subscription includes four issues of the journal, a two-year subscription includes eight issues, and a three-year subscription includes twelve issues.

Print subscribers receive a print copy of new issues when they are published. Print and digital subscribes have full online access to the electronic format (PDF) of the journal and all premium content.


What is considered premium content?

Premium content includes the digital format (PDFs) of issues, articles, and items from the most recent three years (or 12 issues) of BYU Studies Quarterly. Specifically, the following items are premium content:

  • Articles
  • Documents
  • Essays
  • Items under special headings
  • Full issue PDFs

Individual article PDFs from digital issues that are older than three years are free. Additionally, these items from the journal (including recent journals) are always free:

  • Art work
  • Bibliographies
  • Editor introductions; From the Editor
  • Indexes
  • Poetry
  • Reviews and notices

Subscribers have free access to all premium content.