Father of a Prophet: Andrew Kimball

Father of a Prophet: Andrew Kimball

Father of a Prophet: Andrew Kimball

Author Edward L. Kimball

Spencer W. Kimball spent innumerable hours working on a biography of his father, Andrew, but was unable to finish it. This book, completed by Spencer's son and biographer, Edward L. Kimball, brings that desire to fulfillment. Father of a Prophet is the link between Andrew's apostle father (Heber C. Kimball) and his prophet son (Spencer W. Kimball), and it provides an important prologue to the biographies Spencer W. Kimball (1977), and Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball (2005).

Andrew presided for twelve years over the Indian Territory Mission, and he worked for years as a salesman in Utah and Idaho traveling from village to village. Then, in 1898, Church leaders called Andrew to move with his family to Arizona and preside over the St. Joseph Stake, covering southeastern Arizona and extending to El Paso, Texas, including Mormon settlements in the Gila River Valley. Andrew invested himself deeply in his adopted community. He served a term in the Arizona legislature and exerted statewide influence as chair of the agricultural and horticultural commission.

Whenever a vacancy occurred in the Quorum of the Twelve, Andrew's name received speculative mention. His twenty-five years in stake administration illuminate the Church's maturation from pioneer times to a period of international growth, and his exemplary loyalty and personal high principles were passed on to his son Spencer, especially as father and son served together in the stake presidency.

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