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From the Editor

Volume 56:2 (2017)
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From the Editor

Author John W. Welch

The front and back covers of this issue of BYU Studies Quarterly feature a unique stained glass window. It is found in the chapel of the La Cañada Ward meetinghouse in Southern California. Since I grew up in that ward, where my parents lived and served for fifty years, I have many special personal reasons for wanting to share these pictures with all who enjoy this journal.

A few old-timers still remember laying bricks and working together on the construction of this distinctive building in 1949–50, but none of them can remember who designed or made this impressive window. The anonymity of this window’s maker only enhances its value to every member of this LDS congregation. And for almost seventy years now, this window’s tender messages and distinctively LDS symbols have inspired, consoled, taught, and strengthened the many who have worshiped in this chapel with the window in view.