History of the Church

"Gather Up a Company": Saints, Volume 2, Chapter 1

"Gather Up a Company": Saints, Volume 2, Chapter 1

Have you read Saints, volume 2, chapter 1? This chapter tells of the Saints preparing to leave Nauvoo in the fall of 1845 and winter of 1846. The Saints in Nauvoo planned to cross the Great Plains, Lucy Mack Smith said farewell to departing friends, Wilford Woodruff left his mission in England, and Sam Brannan sailed out of New York with a group of Church members, bound for California.

One Church member in Nauvoo was Thomas Bullock, who kept a day-by-day journal. A section of the journal is published in BYU Studies: “Journal of Thomas Bullock 31 August 1845 to 5 July 1846.” The journal tells of his everyday activities, including entries such as this one on October 26, 1845: “At home all day preparing for California.” (The Salt Lake Valley was part of the Mexican territory, Alta California, in 1845.) He writes of his work creating a history of the Church and his farm labors.

Gregory R. Knight writes an introduction to Bullock’s journal, giving insight into the hard life on the American frontier and into Bullock’s personality. Knight also provides explanatory footnotes in the journal itself.

We hope these items will add depth to your study of Nauvoo after the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.