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History of the Church Series

June 14, 2017
History of the Church Series
We Also Marched: The Women and Children of Zion's Camp, 1834
Andrea G. Radke-Moss

This daily feature is an introduction to a full article by Andrea G. Radke-Moss. Each Wednesday we focus on an aspect of church history, beginning in New York in the early 19th century and progressing throughout the year to Utah in the 20th century. To read the full text of this article, follow the link below.

Much like the women of the Mormon Battalion and other military expeditions, the Zion's Camp women contributed in various ways to the overall character of the group and its success and helped prepare for later mass migrations to the West. The women helped with the traditional domestic duties of cooking and laundering and caring for children. They also provided a civilizing influence on the camp.