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Easter Morning

To celebrate this Easter weekend, we invite you to use our selected readings to enrich your study about Jesus Christ and his Resurrection. 

The Women Receive the First Tidings of the Resurrection (Luke 24:1-12), excerpted from The Testimony of Luke, by S. Kent Brown.
To be sure, no mortal witnesses the actual resurrection. Instead, eyewitness accounts begin with the empty tomb. The women of Galilee not only discover the empty tomb but then learn why it lies empty from the testimony borne by the two heavenly messengers (see Luke 24:1-10). Peter, who runs the distance to the tomb outside Jerusalem from inside the city, learns what the women already know and then receives a special visitation, without others present, from the Risen Savior, making him the main witness of Jesus’ return to life. 

Come, Follow Me April 15-21: Easter Study Helps
The Come, Follow Me, study for April 15-21 invites us to read every day about the events of Jesus’ last week (Holy Week). This list provides short readings to give insight into your scripture readings. May this Easter season be full of appreciation for the Savior’s atonement.

Eric Huntsman’s Blog
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