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Jane and Emma

Jane and Emma
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Jane and Emma
Jane and Emma
Director Chantelle Squires,
Salt Lake City, Utah; Nauvoo, Illinois: Excel Entertainment, 2018

Jane and Emma

Reviewer Camlyn Giddins,

As a woman, as a person of color, and as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am relieved that I can genuinely recommend Jane and Emma as a quality film—unique, significant, and relevant to the needs of our day. The strength of the film can be found in its story and content, casting and production team, soundtrack, cinematography, and driving purpose.

The night of the Salt Lake premiere, producer Zandra Vranes commented that Jane and Emma was made for this cultural time in order to invite us to “build relationships and become more than friendly and become true friends.” Jane Manning James is a rich example of having faith in God. You certainly get a sense of that faith through her actions and visionary experiences, though the film may not explore her personal relationship with God as deeply as some may like. But the intent of the film is more about confronting us and encouraging us to look at and improve our relationships with our neighbors—which is the same as strengthening our faith in God anyway.