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The Lord is One

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The Lord is One

Author Margaret Barker

In this lecture delivered at BYU on November 9, 2016, Margaret Barker weaves together several ideas to show the connection between holiness, unity, the temple, and theosis. She begins by identifying Jesus Christ as the great high priest and showing that the divine presence was located in the holy of holies within the temple or tabernacle. But objects, as well as people, could be holy. Barker also argues that since the whole temple represented creation, the divine presence beyond the veil represented the state beyond time and matter from which the visible world was formed.

Barker also discusses the angelic hosts, intentional changes to the biblical texts that affect our understanding of ancient doctrines, and the concept of unity among Jesus's disciples signifying their participation in the divine. Finally, she addresses the idea of theosis, that humans can not only enter the divine presence, but become divine.