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The Mormon Jesus: A Biography

The Mormon Jesus: A Biography
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The Mormon Jesus: A Biography
The Mormon Jesus: A Biography
Author John G. Turner,
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2016

The Mormon Jesus: A Biography

Reviewer Andrew C. Reed,

Many scholars within Mormon studies and interested readers are well aware of John Turner's significant contribution to the history of Mormonism through his biography of Brigham Young (Harvard University Press, 2012), which received high praise. Turner's more recent work follows a similar style and performs equally well in exploring a topic of considerable interest within Mormon studies. In The Mormon Jesus, Turner argues for a more carefully constructed understanding of the Jesus within whom Mormons place tremendous faith and trust and for whom they exhibit great love. Cleverly titled The Mormon Jesus: A Biography, Turner is less interested in writing a biography of Jesus within Mormonism than he seems to be in writing about the culturally constructed notions of who Jesus is to Latter-day Saints. Readers will find Turner's Mormon Jesus enticing in part because it does not force them to traipse through every detail of early Mormon history, since he leaves much of the technical work to others who want to pore over documents and minutiae. Instead, Turner's is a wonderful effort at the history of ideas and one that will stand the test of time as an interpretive work of Mormon thought on the nature, role, and atonement of Jesus Christ.