New Journal

Volume 56, no. 3

We are happy to announce that BYU Studies Quarterly, volume 56, number 3, is now available in PDF format. Subscribers to both print and digital versions can access all the articles on our website.

The articles in this issue include Noel Reynolds's comparative and developmental analysis that unveils the ancient doctrine of the Two Ways found in the Book of Mormon. John Hilton's team-project thoroughly traces and classifies the sources of scripture power from which the prophetic pronouncements of Samuel the Lamanite drew. Stephen Smoot's careful study exposes several uncertainties but also certain plausible possibilities for the general location of Abraham's hometown, Ur of the Chaldees, in ancient Mesopotamia. LeGrand Richards adds to and improves our understanding of German matters in Saxony in 1855 where Karl G. Maeser was a young teacher. Cory Nimer takes us behind the Church administrative efforts to meet the needs of local wards and members for library and teaching resources during a challenging half-century of media and publishing innovation and transition. Brent Slife offers deeply personal reasons why psychology's knowledge of love has been so meager over the years and how faith can fill that void. Richard Holzapfel and Ronald Fox show newly found photographic insights into the amazing and challenging pioneer construction of the Great Salt Lake Tabernacle. Several new books are thoughtfully reviewed or noticed. This issue is the one hundredth issue of BYU Studies Quarterly for which John W. Welch has served as editor in chief.