Pieces of April: From the Life and Journal of Lance Larsen

Volume 56:2 (2017)
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Pieces of April: From the Life and Journal of Lance Larsen

Author Lance Larsen Author Casualene Meyer

These extracts from the journal of poet Lance Larsen provide a window into "the importance of noticing" and "the inner life, a lived perspective that clarifies the creative process." Larsen was Utah's poet laureate from 2012 to 2017. Introducing the journal entries is an interview with Larsen conducted by BYU Studies poetry editor Casualene Meyer. Interspersed among the journal entries are four of Larsen's poems.

Larsen explains the inspiration for this unusual endeavor: "I was thumbing through my journal, which I rarely do, when I came across a sequence that held together better than most. Together, these entries had the look and feel of an extended collage. We almost never see journal entries until someone is either dead or famous. I happen to be neither. Why not change up the nonfiction one finds in an academic journal?"