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Pioneer Women of Arizona

Pioneer Women of Arizona
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Pioneer Women of Arizona
Pioneer Women of Arizona
Author Roberta Flake Clayton, Author Catherine H. Ellis, Author David F. Boone,
Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2017

Pioneer Women of Arizona

Reviewer Hannah Charlesworth,

Roberta Flake Clayton self-published Pioneer Women of Arizona in 1969 after spending thirty-three years conducting numerous interviews and cataloguing over two hundred biographical sketches of the pioneer women, both old and young, who, beginning in the nineteenth century, came to Arizona by wagon or train and settled communities such as Phoenix, Mesa, Snowflake, Flagstaff, and Prescott. 

Clayton originally dedicated this work to “the descendants of the noble women who pioneered the West” (iii), but this work is more than a genealogist’s gold mine—it is a treasure for all those interested in the history of Arizona, the history of the Latter-day Saints, women’s studies, and stories of faith.