Special Feature

New Content on the Joseph Smith Papers Website

New Content on the Joseph Smith Papers Website

The Joseph Smith Papers is pleased to announce its latest web content release. Featured in this publication are over a hundred documents from January and February 1844, including letters,deeds, and Nauvoo City Council business. Some highlights:

  • An article introducing correspondence from Illinois governor Thomas Ford about continuing difficulties with the Mormons' neighbors
  • Documents related to the transfer of Joseph Smith's "Mansion House" to Ebenezer Robinson
  • A pamphlet describing Joseph Smith's views on government
  • Joseph Smith's correspondence with his agents in Kirtland, Ohio, concerning the disposition of property

In the Legal and Business Records Series, we have added editorial introductions to several Ohio court cases and to Joseph Smith's 1826 trial in New York.

Also included in this release are images for the "History of Joseph Smith" as published in the Times and Seasons and Deseret News. Joseph Smith began publishing this history, which he began composing in 1838, in the church newspaper in March 1842; church historians completed the project in 1858.

Researchers will also find hundreds of new entries in the calendar of documents for September 1839 through January 1841, as well as more biographical and geographical entries.