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New Testament Study Helps: Conference Videos and New Renditions

New Testament Study Helps: Conference Videos and New Renditions

The BYU New Testament Commentary group held a conference on January 26, 2019. Videos of the conference are available now at BYUNTC Conferences. Presentations were on key New Testament terms: disciple, way, blessed, grace, love, scribe, mystery, faith  and inheritance. Presentations were given by BYUNTC authors. Transcripts of the presentations are currently being added. 

The BYU New Testament Commentary books include a new version of the New Testament Texts, called the New Rendition. These are translated by Latter-day Saint scholars based on the most reliable Greek texts. The BYU New Rendition of the books of Mark, Luke, First Corinthians, Ephesians, Hebrews, and Revelation are available fot free at Amazon and Deseret Bookshelf. Go to BYUNTC.org for links. These renditions will assist in the study of each of these books. More New Renditions will be added in coming years. 

Four New Testament Commentary volumes are available to date (Mark, Luke, First Corinthians, and Revelation). The best way to purchase them is to call the BYU Studies office at 801-422-6691 or order from the BYU Studies website. Each volume delves into the Greek text and makes the text accessible to a general readership. 

We hope you are using our Come, Follow Me study helps at BYU Studies 2019 Come Follow Me Lessons. Each week, we collect resources from BYU Studies Quarterly; excerpts from the BYU New Testament Commentary volumes; Charting the New Testament; BYU Religious Studies Center; and other fine publications.