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Commemorating Easter

Commemorating Easter

We mourn with the rest of the world the devastation caused by fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, especially those most affected who would normally be worshipping there during Holy Week . We recognize this edifice as significant not only as an architectural marvel and for its place in western history but most importantly as a place of worship of Jesus Christ for many centuries.

We also join with Christians worldwide as we commemorate the final days, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are some resources that we hope will prove useful in your devotional activities this week.

Come, Follow Me–Support Articles and Activities April 15-21, from ChurchofJesusChrist.org
This page lists pertinent readings from the New Testament, articles from the Ensign, ideas for children’s activities, videos, and sermons from Church leaders

BYU Studies–Come, Follow Me, study helps for Easter
This page lists readings for each day of Holy Week from the BYU New Testament Commentary authors and BYU Studies, with videos and podcasts.

Religious Studies Center
See many videos of Easter Conferences on the RSC YouTube page and the list of talks on Holy Week under Sunday School study helps.

Book of Mormon Central: Easter and Holy Week Study Guide
Short articles (KnoWhys) on topics for each day of the week