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Steven Harper Interview with Saints Unscripted

Saints Unscripted Interview with Steven C. Harper

Our Editor in Chief, Steven C. Harper, recently was interviewed by Saints Unscripted in their new web series, “Firm Foundations”.  
“In this episode special guest and historian Dr. Steven C. Harper explains how to critically and faithfully study church history. We discuss why what we know about history seems to change, how to use the historical method to find factual answers in historical documents, why people who study church history have different reactions to what they learn. In every Firm Foundations video we carefully craft the scripts and fact-check our stories. We examine facts, scriptures, doctrinal sources, historical documents, modern surveys, psychology, and scientific data. Hannah, as the writer, interprets this information through her own lens, as do all individuals. This is why it is so important to us that we include information that is not always flattering to one party or another, and that we use empathy when examining individuals’ choices. Because we want you to do the same, we always include links to our sources below each video, so that viewers can dig deeper into the source material, ask questions, and find the truth”

You can watch the video below or watch it on Youtube here.

Dr. Harper holds a PhD in early American History, is Editor in Chief of BYU Studies, a Professor of Religious Education at Brigham Young University and has written multiple books on early LDS history and doctrine. He also recommends this article as a source when studying Mormon history: “Doctrine: Models to Evaluate Types and Sources of Latter-day Saint Teachings”