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Looking Ahead for Come, Follow Me

Looking Ahead for Come, Follow Me

Plan ahead to have resources at hand for your study of First Corinthians and Revelation. Two recently published commentaries from the BYU New Testament Commentary scholars are available to help you delve into the rich meaning of these important New Testament texts. Order from BYU Studies now to get them for your study this year. 

First Corinthians: 
We include a new rendering of the Greek text into modern English, helping the text be more understandable to modern readers. This rendition is set side by side with the King James Text for easy comparison.

It is a commentary of every verse of 1 Corinthians and examines in depth the rich theology of grace, the Atonement, the gifts of the Spirit, the sacrament, love, and resurrection of the dead along with other important doctrines. Those who read this volume will find it enhances faith, hope, understanding of key principles and doctrines, and bears a strong witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and a clear elucidation of his gospel as preserved by the Apostle Paul.

Paul wrote for a group of early saints who struggled against some of the same issues that Christians face today. This commentary strives to highlight the ways that 1 Corinthians is a relevant message for our day.

This commentary presents a comprehensive analysis of John's book through the lens of the LDS doctrine and Mormon experience. God delivered his messages in the form of images housed within discrete visions, with each symbol explaining, exposing, or emphasizing various aspects of the message conveyed. The challenge is getting beyond the symbols to the represented realities. One of the strengths of the BYU New Testament Commentary Series is that it brings together all the elements revealed during the Restoration that help to interpret the book and disclose its messages. Information is drawn from all the Standard Works of the Church as well as the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. In addition, insights from the modern Prophets and Apostles have been included. Even so, the best of world scholarship has not been overlooked. The work also presents a full rendering of the Greek text into English, set side by side with the King James Version for easy comparison. The commentary also contains translation notes on and analysis of every verse. The work strives to be as up-to-date, comprehensive, scholarly and doctrinally sound as possible.

Most important, the commentary emphasizes the primary focus of John's work, "the revelation of Jesus Christ" (Revelation 1:1). The commentary highlights the Apostle's witness that Jesus is the Lamb of God alive and active in these last days-directing earthly affairs and preparing his Saints and the faithful so that the Father's intentions will ultimately be accomplished. Along with all its latter-day horrors, hope and promise still dominate the work. The Lamb is in charge, and nothing moves beyond the limits he sets. He is coming to "destroy them which destroy the earth" (Revelation 11:18) and to bring his people into triumphant millennial glory. This commentary details how.