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Pioneer History

Pioneer History

BYU Studies has hundreds of articles on the people and places of the pioneer trek to Utah. Here are some of our favorites, in honor of Pioneer Day, July 24.

These stories tell of tremendous hardship but also of great faith and perseverance by these valiant and brave pioneers, from those who left Nauvoo in the freezing winter and those who crossed the ocean and the plains, from those who suffered hunger at Winter Quarters to those who came mostly on the railroad.

For more topics, search the BYU Studies website for names and places. And be sure to check out the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database, where names and pioneer companies can be found, with excerpts from diaries and newspapers.

"Suffering and Death on the Plains of Iowa," by Susan E. Black BYU Studies 21, no. 4

"Finalizing Plans for the Trek West: Deliberations at Winter Quarters 1846—1847," by Richard E. Bennett BYU Studies 24, no. 4

"Pleasing to the Eyes of an Exile: The Latter-day Saint Sojourn at Winter Quarters, 1846—1848," by Jennifer L. Lund BYU Studies 39, no. 2

"Wyoming, Nebraska Territory: Joseph W. Young and the Mormon Emigration of 1864," by Craig S. Smith BYU Studies 39, no. 1

"The Martin Handcart Company at the Sweetwater: Another Look," by Chad M. Orton BYU Studies 45, no. 3

"Francis Webster: The Unique Story of One Handcart Pioneer's Faith and Sacrifice," by Chad M. Orton BYU Studies 45, no. 2

"Violence and Disruptive Behavior on the Difficult Trail to Utah, 1847—1868," by David L. Clark BYU Studies 53, no. 4

"Weather, Disaster, and Responsibility: An Essay on the Willie and Martin Handcart Story," by Howard A. Christy BYU Studies 37, no. 1

"East to West through North and South: Mormon Immigration during the Civil War," by Fred E. Woods BYU Studies 39, no. 1