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Serving Refugees and Immigrants

Serving Refugees and Immigrants

Because of the continuing refugee crisis in Central America and other parts of the world as well as the separation of children at the US-Mexico Border, we wish to remind our readers of these items from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and from BYU Studies Quarterly. Knowledge of the issues involved can help us know how to lift where we stand.

Church Statement on Separation of Families at the US-Mexico Border, June 18, 2018, states that separating children from their parents is harmful. The statement encourages U.S. leaders to take swift action to find compassionate solutions.

Immigration: Church Issues New Statement, June 10, 2011, states that the Church supports secure borders and using legal methods to cross any border. It also encourages “an approach where undocumented immigrants are allowed to square themselves with the law and continue to work without this necessarily leading to citizenship” and having compassion for immigrants.

I Was a Stranger—An Effort to Serve and Include, lists ways to serve in our communities, using JustServe to help people in need and other organizations. We can support those who are facing the challenges of learning a new language, accessing medical care, and securing employment.

"'Ye Are No More Strangers and Foreigners': Theological and Economic Perspectives on the LDS Church and Immigration," by Walker A. Wright, BYU Studies Quarterly 57, no. 1
When we understand how common fears about immigration are often overblown or fueled by misinformation, we have a better understanding of the role of people in countries receiving migrants. This article looks at migration in scriptural history, public opinion on immigration, the positive effects of immigration on national economies, global poverty, and common misconceptions about immigration.