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Special Events: FairMormon conference and BYU Education Week

Special Events: FairMormon conference and BYU Education Week

FairMormon: BYU Studies will have a table at the FairMormon Conference, August 7-9, 2019, at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah. Come enter a drawing for a free set of our four New Testament Commentary volumes.

Several of the speakers have published articles in BYU Studies Quarterly. See the list of speakers here.

We along with our friends at Book of Mormon Central, Church Historian’s Press, Interpreter Foundation, Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, and others are sponsors of this event. Presentations will be recorded. Past FairMormon conferences are available for viewing their YouTube channel.

BYU Education Week is coming up on August 19-23, 2019!
News about a discount coupon for BYU Studies publications will be posted next week. The coupon can be redeemed online or in person. Stop and say hello at our booth in the Wilkinson Center.

We encourage attendance at these classes, related to BYU Studies publications:

Education Week: Monday classes:
Eric D. Huntsman, And the Word Spake: The Teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of John, 3108 JKB, 8:30-9:25
Eric D. Huntsman, Dialogues—Extended One-on-One Conversations with the Lord in the Gospel of John, 3108 JKB, 9:50-10:45
Eric D. Huntsman, Jesus’s Discourses about His Identity and Role in the Gospel of John, 3108 JKB, 11:10-12:05
Susan Easton Black, Martin Harris: Uncompromising Witness of the Book of Mormon, Pardoe Theater, Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC), 12:30-1:25

Education Week: Tuesday-Friday classes:
Harper, Chadwick, Marianno, and Welch, The Best of BYU Studies, B190 Joseph F. Smith Building (JFSB), Tuesday–Friday, 3:10-4:05
Tuesday: BYU Studies: A History and Highlights (Steven C. Harper, editor in chief)
Wednesday: Dating the Departure of Lehi from Jerusalem (Jeffrey R. Chadwick)
Thursday: True and Faithful: Joseph Fielding Smith as Latter-day Saint Historian and Theologian (Scott D. Marianno)
Friday: Getting to Carthage through Iowa: New Discoveries about Joseph’s Road to Martyrdom (John W. Welch, former editor in chief)

Eric D. Huntsman, Worship: Encountering and Being Transformed by God, 1102 Jesse Knight Building (JKB), 8:30-9:25
Tuesday: What Is Worship? Prayer
Wednesday: Ordinances and Holy Places
Thursday: Sacred Time, Worshiping through God’s Word
Friday: Music

John W. Welch, How Jesus Reveals His Father’s Plan in the New Testament Parables, 221 Martin Building (MARB), Tuesday–Friday 8:30–9:25
Tuesday: “The Mystery of the Kingdom of God” and His Plan (Mark 4:11)
Wednesday: Seeing the Reasons for Adverse Conditions on Earth
Thursday: Receiving the Loving Atonement of Jesus Christ
Friday: Rising from Death unto the Rewards of Eternal Life

Eric D. Huntsman, Becoming the Beloved Disciple: Coming to Christ through the Gospel of John, 1102 Jesse Knight Building (JKB), 9:50-10:45
Tuesday: Characters in the Gospel of John and the First Disciples
Wednesday: Women as Witnesses, Teachers, and Outsiders
Thursday: Hard Sayings, Grieving Friends, and Impulsive but Devoted Disciples
Friday: Becoming the Beloved Disciple

Julie M. Smith, The Path of Discipleship in Mark’s Gospel, Tuesday-Friday, B002 Joseph F. Smith Building (JFSB), 12:30-1:25
Tuesday: Jesus’s Miracles on the Path of Discipleship
Wednesday: Jesus Teaches on the Path of Discipleship
Thursday: Jesus Heals on the Path of Discipleship
Friday: Jerusalem and the Path of Discipleship

Education Week Classes by authors who have published related articles in BYU Studies Quarterly:
A. LeGrand Richards, “Karl G. Maeser: Master Teacher”
Richard E. Bennett, “The Great Day of the Lord: The Promised Blessings of the Millennium” and “Temples Rising: A Legacy of Sacrifice and Devotion”
Joseph Spencer, “Understanding Isaiah in the Book of Mormon”
Matthew C. Godfrey, “The Prophet Joseph Smith and Leadership: Four Crucial Years”
Kerry Muhlestein, “How Understanding What the Abrahamic Covenant Is Can Guide You in Your Efforts to Pursue the Covenant Path”
Mark Staker, “Joseph Smith Sr. in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York” and “Emma Hale Smith, Daughter in God’s Kingdom”
Alexander Baugh, “The Latter-day saint Experience in Northern Missouri, 1836-1838”
Gerrit Dirkmaat and others, “Insights from the Joseph Smith Papers”
Gregory S. Dundas, The Great Questions of Human Existence: A Few Answers from the Restored Gospel
Keith A. Erekson, How Can We “Know Brother Joseph” Today?

If you won’t be able to come to Education Week in person, you can join in online:
Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will speak on Tuesday, August 20, at 11:10. Click here for information to watch online.
There is a YouTube channel where you can watch selected Education Week lectures given from 1996 to 2010. Since 2011, Education Week lectures have not been recorded.
Videos of New Testament Commentary conferences are available at https://www.byunewtestamentcommentary.com/conferences/.